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About Andaman

Location :-
The Andaman & Nicobar Islands is one of the main union territory of India. It is located in the Bay of Bengal. It comprises two island groups - the Andaman Islands and the Nicobar Islands - which separate the Andaman Sea to the east from the Indian Ocean.

Area :-
Andaman: 6,408 Nicobar: 1841

  • Biggest Island in Andaman Group :- Middle Andaman Island 1536 Sq.Km
  • Biggest Island in Nicobar Group :- Great Nicobar Island 1045 Sq.Km.
  • Smallest Island in Andaman Group :- Ross Island 0.8 Sq Km.
  • Smallest Island in Nicobar Group :- Pilomillow Island 1.3 Sq.Km


Distance by Sea (In Kms.)

Between Port Blair & Chennai 1190
Between Port Blair & Calcutta 1255
Between Port Blair & Vishakapatnam 1200

Distance by Air Kms.

Between Calcutta & Port Blair 1303
Between Chennai & Port Blair 1330




Climate is tropical and humid. It is always warm, but with sea-breezes. Rainfall is irregular, but usually dry during the north-east, and very wet during the south-west, monsoons. The weather is generally pleasant, with Mean Min Temp 23°C and Mean Max Temp 30°C.

Best time to visit :- October to March.

Land and People

The Andaman & Nicobar are a group of picturesque Islands, big and small, inhabited and uninhabited, a total of 572 islands, islets and rocks lying in the South Eastern Part of the Bay of Bengal.

Of the people that live in the Andaman Islands, a small minority indigenous Adivasis of the Andamans. The rest are mainly divided between


The Andamanese is a collective term to describe the peoples who are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands, located in the Bay of Bengal. Till 1850, the Andamanese lived in complete isolation. It was after 1850 that they came in contact with the outside world.

Nicobarese were the aborigines of the Nicobar

Dos & Donts for the Tourists

Doâs :-
  • Contact Tourist Information Centres for any assistance required.
  • Inform the Police immediately on any criminal activity. Police Control Room
  • Consult life guards before entering the sea.
  • Swim on safe areas only.
  • Avail only the services of authorized scuba diving